Anma techniques that you can practice at home.

Allergic rhinitis (an allergic disease in a nasal mucous membrane) is usually caused by ticks, dust and pollen. There are two groups of allergens; the group of year-round particles such as ticks or house dust and seasonable particles such as cedar or cypress pollen. They enter your body through the nasal mucous membrane. Your body reacts defensively to remove these harmful foreign particles and eventually causes sneezes and a runny and stuffed-up nose.

In case of hay fever or seasonable allergic rhinitis, the level of the sneeze and a runny, stuffed-up nose is so intense and usually go with itching in the eyes and in the throat.

The commonly used treatment for the allergic rhinitis is the removal and/or blocking-off of the allergens. But the important thing is to improve your physical condition to be immune from the allergens. Here, we’d like to introduce some of the practices that you can do using the therapeutic points.

Therapeutic points that work for the allergic rhinitis.

The key points that act on the stuffed-up nose.“Geiko”: By the wings of the nose. Press them slowly with index fingers

“Tenchu”: By the hairlines in the back of the neck; hollows outside of the two thick muscles. Press and rub with thumbs towards the center.

The key points that act on the runny nose.

“Indo”; The point right between the eyebrows. Press with thumbs intensively and release. Continue the movement.

“Shaku-taku”; a hollow in the back of the elbow on the thumb side. Press and rub with a thumb.

The key points that act on the sneeze and cough.

“Tai-en”; In the wrist below the thumb, where you feel the pulse. Rub as drawing a circle.

The key points that act on the soar throats.

“Fu-fu”; Above from the hollowed part in the back of the head.

Warm up to promote the circulation. In order to block-off the flu, it’s best to use a body warmer and warm up this part at the incipient stage.

“Go-koku”; A hollow between the thumb and the index finger. Press toward the bones of the index finger.

Rub and roll along the therapeutic points along the line called haikei (see the red line in the picture). Draw a circle at each point four or five times. Then move 2 to 3 cm and do the same movement again. Continue this several times. Do it patiently.Foot soak

Stimulate the therapeutic points with hot water. By warming up your feet, you can reduce the symptoms of running and crammed nose. For 10 to 15 minutes every day. Make sure the temperature doesn’t go down.


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